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bits of life
When friendship turns to lovers?

We were friends for over a decade, I used to had a crush on him when we were in college. We got closer when I was beat up and dumped by my ex-future husband. He defended me and stayed by my side during the whole recovery. I wanted to tell him about my feeling when he came to me and gave me the story of his new adorable girlfriend. I knew he didn't have the same feeling so I stepped aside and put myself as his friend (again). 

All our friends knew about my feeling and they just stared at me in pity which I hate. So the life as his friend rolled on, we hanged out together, I listened to him when he got his family at his a**. When he almost failed his study and all our friends left him, I stuck(?) around and (still) be his friend. Our relationship still not developed when he finally gave up college and work in our capital city, Jakarta.



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